When it comes to the air conditioning unit, one needs to keep it under scrutiny all the time. A small technical glitch does not take much time to turn into a bigger problem. Also, it is not every time that a technical glitch is the problem in an air conditioning unit. Experts in ac repair in Sun City Center FL and Lithia FL are of the opinion that it is often due to the presence of certain unfriendly creatures in the ac unit that accounts for its breakdown. AC technicians themselves have reported the presence of nasty creatures in the air ducts and vents that affect the performance of the ac unit. These nasty pests and insects not only brings down the efficiency of any ac in Valrico FL and Sun City FL but they are also responsible for triggering allergies and reducing the indoor air quality. For homeowners it is not always possible to know which are the nasty pests that wrecks havoc in the ac units. Knowing them might come handy in resolving the issues at the earliest when one is located in the very first instance.

Insects- It is not unnatural to find dust mites, cockroaches and spiders making home in the ac unit. Spiders might not be harmful, but dust mites might trigger allergies and asthma. Cockroaches too are harmful as they are the carriers of deadly diseases. That is why it makes sense to get the HVAC unit cleaned thoroughly especially the ducts.

The One From The Mouse Family- It is not unlikely to find rodents and mice in the HVAC system. If not attended to for a long time, or not cleaned at regular intervals, the rodents can gnaw through the refrigerant lines. They can also build nests in the ductwork that might result in expensive AC repair in Sun City Center FL and Lithia FL.

Squirrels and Raccoons- One might love these little creatures but when they are outside the house. These small animals might find the air ducts of the ac unit to be a nice, warm place to build a home. They can play havoc with the lines and lead to damage of expensive ac parts that needs to be replaced. It is better to get them out of the HVAC unit rather than changing the entire unit.

The Cold Blooded Reptiles- If one is out of luck, then they might find a big snake coiled right inside the ductwork for shelter. Snakes find the ducts comfortable as they are unable to regulate their body temperatures. Reptiles can also coil around the condensers bringing damage to the fan blades and triggering an expensive repair.

One might never know what stays in the HVAC unit. It is better to ask the ac technicians to run a thorough check from time to time so that the ac unit does not turn home to nasty pests and insects.